Tyrese Thinks Women Who Get Plastic Surgery Look Like ‘Manufactured Clowns’
Just to pull out some choice phrases from what he wrote, I would like particularly highlight, “We know when you got little chicken legs and it leads to and oversized #fake ass you guys are really starting to go TOO FAR with manufactured beauty – fake lips, skinny nose barely can even breathe through your own nostrils – Sitting across from you and you couldn’t even HIDE your weave tracks?? Come on……. IM NOT trying to be mean I’m just sending a message that US REAL MEN SEE THE BULLSHIT and IF He decide to rock with you it’s just cause they wanna get one off no one will EVER take you serious like that or really make that move”

Basically, he is saying that no man will ever marry a woman who has made the decision to get plastic surgery because she will look “too fake.” Aside from the very obvious misogyny that this is dripping with, it also brings up the question of who is truly setting beauty standards? Many people in Tyrese’s comments are pointing out that anyone Tyrese has ever hired to be in his music videos to represent a “love interest” might not have been on #teamnatural.

Shaming women for plastic surgery is nothing new though. It has come up in the recent Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef, despite both women having plastic surgery. The internet regularly attacks each and every Kardashian despite systematic criticism over the way that women look with or without surgery.