Xxxtentacion: I’ll Slap Drake For Stealing ‘Look at Me’ Xxxtentacion Upset After OVO Radio Interview

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Weeks ago, a snippet of a new Drake song surfaced online. To many on the internet, it sounded like Six God was mimicking the flow from incarcerated rapper XXXTENTACION‘s “Look At Me” single, and people quickly concluded the Toronto MC was biting the Florida artist on the song.
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In his new interview with DJ Semtex, Drake addresses the controversy, starting at around the 52:30 mark below.
“The other day, I dropped this song with Giggs and I’m seeing all this shit on my IG under some random picture of people being like, ‘Fuck you, you took this kid’s flow’ or whatever. I’m like, ‘What’s happening to me right now?’ So I’m trying to read and figure out who they’re talking about. I find out who they’re talking about…”
Semtex asks if it’s “that extension guy.” Drake says, “I don’t think that’s how you say his name. They call him X.
“So I go and find what song they’re talking about, and I listen to it and I’m like okay, I see where people could draw this comparison off of the first two lines, whether it be cadence or the rhyme pattern or whatever,” Drake continues. “It’s crazy that people think that after all this time, after all I’ve been through, that I’m the type of person […] to go and take that and make it my own. I’m not stupid, I’m not a shit person like that.”
This morning (Feb. 19), XXXTENTACION seemed to respond on Twitter with the following: “I’m not gonna twitter rap with niggas for stealing my flow, I slap niggas don’t come to Florida. It’s funny how the industry let this pussy Nigga sit at the top for so long, all y’all suck kill yourselves, Meh dun chat.” The tweets have since been deleted, but you can peep them below. It should be noted that someone appears to tweet for X while he’s incarcerated, so it might not have been he who tweeted the sentiment.
Since then, more tweets have come form X’s Twitter page addressing Drizzy head on. “I’m not the first nigga he bit, nor will i be the last, drake a pussy nigga money don’t buy you respect,” one of the posts reads. “Drakes career is almost over, he better start investing money into real-estate cause once it’s all over he really gonna see the “fake love,” says another.
In our exclusive interview with X a couple weeks ago, he responded to the controversy, saying, “If Drake is gonna take the flow, and I don’t know if he legitimately did, but if that is the situation, at least reach out to a nigga, help a nigga out in this situation, and then if you want to run off with the flow, then run off with the flow, but I’m going through a lot right now, so it would have been nice if before that happened to me, for Drake to have reached out to me personally.”


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