Biggie Ain’t The GOAT

A barbershop conversation between Steve Stoute, Future, Ebro, James Harden, and Maverick Carter popped up on Instagram recently. The trendsetters debated whether the masses revered Jay Z’s classic debut, Reasonable Doubt when first released in 1996. According to Future, “Jay Z wasn’t great when Tupac and Biggie were alive.” The discussion inspired the final #DXBreakdown of 2016, where we celebrate Ready To Die and Life After Death, and argue why Biggie Ain’t The GOAT. Let’s break it down.

Is the Notorious B.I.G. still the greatest ever? Share your thoughts in the Community Section below. Follow the discussion on all socials. #DXBreakdown

Produced, Written & Hosted by: Justin Hunte (@TheCompanyMan)
Produced, Shot & Edited By: James Kreisberg (@Ex_James)

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Written, Hosted & Produced By: Justin Hunte

Shot, Edited & Produced By: James Kreisberg

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Future, Steve Stoute, James Hardin Barbershop convo:

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